Genagon Therapeutics drug development is based on the discovery of an unstudied protein and its life cycle in innate immune cells. Genagon was founded in 2015 and is building a strong and broad patent portfolio with opportunities for internal development and future partnerships. The company is supported financially by among others, Beijer Ventures, UU Invest, Almi Invest and Business angels.

WHY GENAGONCure and fight cancer

Genagon provides the next generation of cancer treatment and will continue to fight cancer with the ambition to some day treat all cancers. The next generation of cancer treatment gives todays untreatable patients a new chance for increased quality of life and remission and eventually even a become cancer-free.

Genagon develops the next generation of therapeutical ADCs with a unique target profile and the ability to treat solid tumors, where no successful standard of care treatment is available. Our pipeline focuses on a therapeutically novel class of transmembrane proteins accumulating on the surface of cancer cells and tumor promoting cells within the tumor microenvironment.

5 reasons to invest in Genagon

A novel class of protein target – opportunity for a first-in-class drug
Opportunity in the rapidly growing ADC space
In house development – a devoted and highly skilled team
Broad patent portfolio – first patent granted
Worldwide partners and collaborators

Our Investors

TESTIMONIALLigand Pharmaceuticals

Genagon Therapeutics was singled out in early 2019 for Ligand’s Invest in Best program based on their talented and passionate research team and significant domain expertise in cancer biology. Genagon has identified interesting and novel targets that are likely to benefit from the expanded antibody repertoire that can be generated through the OmniChicken® platform, which is a transgenic chicken featuring fully human immunoglobulin variable genes.
Bill Harriman, SVP
Antibody Discovery, Ligand Pharmaceuticals


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